Windows 7 XP Mode RC will come soon

Windows 7 XP Mode RC

Windows 7 XP Mode RC

Microsoft Corporation has announced that the Windows 7 will allow users with the proper hardware to run a virtual version of Windows XP by XP Mode, within Windows 7, has entered Release Candidate. Release Candidate, is available from Microsoft's Windows Web site in a downloaded form.

Some new features are available in XP Mode Release Candidate. The special feature of the XP Mode programs is it will now offer users a jump list of recently opened files with that program. The older version of the program didn't have such a feature, hence it is considered as the productivity feature of the new XP mode RC. Also we can launch new programs or files from the windows taskbar itself. This feature is not available in the previous version.

Another feature is we can use the USB devices in XP Mode without having to make it whole screen, it is also access directly from the Windows 7 taskbar. If you want to share the drive between XP Mode and Windows 7 it should be disabled. Tutorial has been created on how to use XP Mode. The users can get the information when he first gets access from the XP Mode installation screen. These criteria are related to the virtualization features of XP in Windows 7.

If you are eager to work with windows 7 RC, you can still do so through the month of August for the testing out the Windows 7 Release Candidate.

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