Russian Hackers siege Social Sites to Silence

Thursday morning collateral damage in the ongoing conflict between Russia and Georgia occurred. If you were unable to log on to Twitter or Facebook on that day, you may consider yourself, this is the reason. Twitter and Facebook has confirmed that a pro Georgia blogger was the target of an extensive distributed refutation of service attack that hit the top social networks and other important social sites.

Facebook was able to fend off the assault, but Twitter was very down on Thursday morning, and a blog post indicates that the popular micro blogging service was still dealing with DDoS after that incident i.e. on Friday. Media said that the blogger which is known as ‘Cyxymu' who has named himself after a city in Georgia . The attacks may have been timed to silence Cyxymu's use of his social network accounts to credit the date.

Russian Hacker

Facebook speaker Kathleen Loughlin said that Friday's attack appears to be directed at an individual person who has a presence on a number of sites, rather than the sites themselves. The person is a campaigner blogger and a botnet was directed to request his pages at such a rate that it impacted service for other users. They have cut off the issue, and almost all of our users are able to enjoy the normal Facebook experience.

It is clearly indicates that hackers working for foreign intelligence services. These services may now consider it is a vital start to take down social networks as part of their Web attack strategies.

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