Store Security Breached at GatewayCDI in St. Louis, Missouri.

Mozilla store

Mozilla store

Yesterday Mozilla revealed that a security break had occurred at a third party seller that operates the backend transportation of the Mozilla Store. The break occurred at Gateway CDI, a dispenser of promotional products in St. Louis , Missouri . The Mozilla Store sells various items of software, clothing and other products related to Firefox and some other Mozilla projects.

Mozilla refused to give information about the number of customers whose personal data may have been accessed or to complicate on the situations surrounding the break. Chief marketing officer Mr.Conrad Franey, at Gateway CDI, said that some customer names and passwords were bared, even though, it appears that no credit card information was accessed. He said the attack might come from a hacker who appears to be based in India .

He added that he wasn't ready to provide an approximation number of people affected. He anticipates further information to be released soon about the hacker. Mozilla said that Gateway CDI is get down in the process of investigating about the cause and the level of the break. Affected clients are supposed to be contacted by Gateway CDI. The organization said that Mozilla is devoted to user privacy and the store will be return once again after we have a satisfactory guarantee of continuing login security and data privacy.

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