Green is the new black in wireless companies

samsung reclaimWireless companies Sprint Nextel and Samsung had announced some new products and programs that geared toward environmental sustainability in NEW YORK . The new concept of Green is the new black arises there.

Day before yesterday at the Cooper Hewitt National Museum , the company authorities announced a new eco-friendly device which is named as Reclaim and an overall plan to green the wireless market. The new consumers are regularly increasingly to buying products and get services based on their environmental sustainability. This arises from the energy saving light bulbs to hybrid cars and right now new environment friendly cell phones are all the rage.

avid Owens, Sprint's director of customer acquisitions at the pres meet said that there are many customers who take care so much about the environment. He added that their customers are buying products and get good services from companies. Also they feel it is good company with good sustainable products. Hence they concluded that people will come to Sprint because of their services and products. And then they are trying to make other improvements like network reliability, device line-up, and customer service etc.

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Anonymous said...

Wouldn't be really interesting if every body should follow eco-friendly devices and keeps environment clean.Let's make one thing clear before we go ahead for cellphone.It should not be more difficult and stressful, while compare wireless companies we should take into account the types of network either local network or nationwide availability network that we are going to be used.Customers doesn't like low battery backup ,small screen and especially slow devices . We all guys should aware about social conscious and eco-friendly cell phone devices.Thanks........