In December 2012 and possibly many months before the Earth could become bombarded by massive solar flares which will knock out most all satellite electronics and blind the Earth for many years to come until more satellites can be built. But the greatest threat is from the CMEs or coronal mass ejections from the Sun. Solar flares have much less chance of hitting the Earth and their energy is much smaller than a coronal mass ejection. Coronal mass ejections are far more massive and carry much greater energy.

In the late 1800s when the sun was very active the telegraphs of their day were reported to work by themselves without their electric batteries. The crude telegraphs were made out of heavy gauge wires. Our electronics today are extremely fragile and even land based electronics might well be damage extensively from a mega solar flare hitting the Earth or especially a CME or coronal mass ejection.

Mankind will be in the greatest danger in December of 2012. Before this time much of the satellites above the Earth will probably be damaged beyond repair and useless junk in space. But in December the planets align with the Earth and this is when the Sun could send a huge coronal mass ejection aimed directly at the Earth. The shading effect of the planets will be in line with the Earth and a shading effect will funnel any CME directly to Earth.

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