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The 450t Diciotti has a speed of 20kt and does not require refuelling up to 3,000nm. The ship is fitted with one emergency generator along with two Fincantieri FCP propellers. It has one 10m-long interceptor, a rigid hull inflatable boat (RHIB), one 5m service boat and one bow thruster. It takes up maritime patrol operations up to sea state 5 and has withstanding capabilities up to sea state 7.

The Maltese Navy replaced its Kondor Class offshore patrol vessel with Diciotti in 2005. The vessel, named P61, was modified to be capable of refuelling light and medium helicopters.

It also provides the helicopters with a daytime landing facility. P61 project was a €17m project funded by the fifth Italo-Maltese Financial Protocol.


The Saettia MK4 is the fourth variant of a missile attack boat that was originally built as a demonstrator and turned into an offshore patrol vessel for the Italian coastguard.

The Fincantieri has also supplied the systems and components for propulsion of each of the vessels. Key elements of this include the Isotta Fraschini V1716T2MSD engines with power of 2,360kW. The company has also supplied the shaft lines and variable pitch propellers.

Electric power generation is supplied by three Isotta Fraschini L1306T3ME generators with power of 220kW and Fincantieri-supplied stabilisers.

Saettias are an improved version of the Diciotti as they have a longer length and greater power. Iraq's version is 53.4m and has a breadth of 8.1m. Two shafts are used, instead of the original four, and the hull lines have been reformed to result in a reduced operating speed.

The vessels have two navigation-and-search radars lightly armed with two machine guns and an Oto Melara 30mm gun. In addition, they feature a Marlin WS (Modular Advanced Remotely-Controlled Lightweight Weapon Station) mount, with an optronic fire-control system.

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