History of Egypt

The history of Egypt is the fastest constant history, as a unified state, of every country in the world. The Nile valley forms a natural geographic unit, surrounded to the east and west by deserts, to the north by the sea and to the south by the Cataracts of the Nile. They require having a single ability to manage the waters of the Nile led to the making of the world's first state in Egypt in about 3000 BC. Egypt's peculiar geography made it a hard country to attack, which is why Pharaonic Egypt was for so long an sovereign and self-contained state.

Once Egypt did yield to foreign rule, yet, it proved unable to escape from it, and for 2,400 years Egypt was governed by foreigners. (The Hyksos were among the first foreign rulers of Egypt, but the ancient Egyptians regained organize of their country after the Hykso period.)

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