Mozilla Firefox 3.6 will come in 2010


Mozilla starts developing its next version i.e. Firefox 3.5. Get ready yourself for the disappearance menu bar why because Mozilla has released an official feature list for their next version Firefox 3.6. They published in the form of guidelines for developers who need to know about the changes. The new Firefox 3.6 developer guide point out an ability to automatically vanish the menu bar, a change that merge with sparer Mozilla Firefox user interface designs that Mozilla has begun discovering for versions 3.7 and 4.0. They hope it is very useful for for plug-in developers and others who use the menu bar to control their add-ons.

For those who developing Web applications, there is a feature available for adding sounds that can be play for some specific events. That sounds are very useful for notifying users of new e-mail, instant messages etc that today have difficulty getting your attention rather software running on the operating system of our native system. Another important change is lets the browser supply not just latitude and longitude coordinates but also user-friendly address terms such as street, city, and postal code etc.

he addition of geo-location features, which can enable authorized Web sites do things like show your location. It is one of the significant features in version Firefox 3.5. Early Eric Shepherd, who oversees Mozilla documentation work, called the plans just an initial sketch, so don't consider this the final word on Firefox 3.6 features. We know Mozilla released version Firefox 3.5 only in June. Future work on the upcoming Firefox, code-named as Namoroka. They hope it may come on mid-2010.

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