The History of Marvelous Indian culture

indian culture

Ancient civilization in India discloses amazing facts about our heritage. This is an eye opener as to how empires ruled and how the people went about life in a rational way. This is actually marvelous to find how people manage and went about construction dams and tended to agriculture which was the chief occupation of our country. Dances are always an important part of Indian culture and this was the chief method of entertainment.

Indian culture is about respecting elders, honoring heroes and appreciates love. It is a place of aspirations, success and self confidence. Indian culture has a very high level of open-mindedness and hence the arrival of so many outside cultures was not limited. Alteration to any culture or acceptance a religion was always the autonomous culture. During Indus valley civilization Indian history was about war Emperor and the early time when money was coined.


Indian history talks more about self confidence particularly in terms of food and agricultural produce. It was the great attempt put in by the farmers. The modern agriculture also shows a lot of native methods of preserving the produce. The great King Emperor Asoka, the Chola dynasty and the secular era of Emperor Akbar will always be green in our memory.

There are slogans and mantras i.e. song that can induce positive energy and revoke eagerness in our life. The rich culture of yoga and the goodness of Ayurveda have now got a universal way of life approach. Our heredity is strong and despite the western culture and arrival of new technology, the distinct Indians are still maintained celebrating Diwali. Now itself peoples are believed to be a land of Lord Rama which is Ayodhya and the birthplace of Sri Krishna is considered as Mathura .

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