Most Marvelous Indian culture

Indian culture

The name is refers to a state of intellectual development otherwise we can manners. The political and social forces that influence the growth of a human being are defined as culture. When we come across Indian culture it is very rich and diverse and as a result of this it is very unique in its own way. Indian people manners, humanity and their way of communication with one another are some of the vital components of our culture. Our values and our beliefs are still remains same, even though we have almost moved in the modern life style by improved our life style.

Even though we are trying to change our way of living, way of eating, way of clothing, and the rich values of Indian peoples always remains unchanged. The magnificent reason for that is the thoughts of the Indian people are deeply rooted within their mind, hearts, soul and body which they receive from only culture.

Indian culture

Here always people treats guests as god and they are eager to serves them and takes more care of them as if they are a part if the family itself. Even though those people don't have anything to eat, the guests are always never left hungry. This is the Indian culture. Respect to the elder is one of the major components in the Indian culture. In a family the elders are the driving forces and as result the love and respect to elders comes naturally and is not an artificial one. Always younger takes blessings from his elders by either kneel down or touching their feet.

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