McAfee getting MX Logic and it decide to delivers solid outlook

Mcafee Internet Security
Mcafee Internet Security

Last Thursday McAfee announced that it is decided getting MX Logic technology. This would provide on-demand e-mail, continuity, and Web services. Its worth is $140 million in cash. The attempt is designed to boost McAfee's security as a service lineup. Security software sellers have been racing to the blur. MX Logic has 40,000 customers and it cover more than 4 million end users in the world. McAfee administrator said that it plans to cross-sell MX Logic with its Web services such as the Total Protection Service. Also McAfee peaked second quarter estimates and delivered a better output in third quarter outlook.

The McAfee Company reported second quarter net income of $28.7 million. Non-GAAP income in the second quarter was 60 cents a share, 3 cents better than outlook. Second quarter revenue of $468.7 million was up 18 percent from last year. McAfee said its project revenue was up 21 percent in the second quarter to $291 million. The corporation also closed 424 deals worth more than $100,000 and 28 worth more than $1 million and 57 deals worth more than $500,000. That score indicates that McAfee may be putting stress on Symantec, which reported unsatisfactory enterprise results.

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