Leisure travel

Leisure travel was linked with the industrialisation of United Kingdom – the first European country to endorse leisure time to the increasing industrial population. At first, this applied to the owners of the equipment of production, the economic oligarchy, the factory owners, and the traders. These comprised the new middle class. Cox & Kings were the primary official travel company to be formed in 1758. Later, the working class could take advantage of leisure time.

The British source of this new industry is reflected in many place names. At Nice, France, one of the first and best-established holiday resorts on the French Riviera, the long esplanade along the seafront is known to this day as the walkway des Anglais; in many other historic resorts in continental Europe, old well-established palace hotels have names like the Hotel Bristol, the Hotel Carlton or the Hotel Majestic - shiny the dominance of English customers.

Many tourists do leisure tourism in the tropics both in the summer and winter. It is frequently done in places such as Cuba, The Dominican Republic, Thailand, North Queensland in Australia and Florida in the United States.

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