Endeavour Launch Preps in the Cold While Managers Evaluate Cooling Lines

At NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida, throughout the weekend technicians will prepare space shuttle Endeavour for prelaunch propellant servicing at Launch Pad 39A

The shuttle continues to be sheltered from the Space Coast's uncharacteristically cold temperatures with heaters and warm air purges. This process will keep the spacecraft's systems at an appropriate temperature.

As International Space Station and shuttle teams prepared for February’s launch, a high-pressure ammonia jumper hose assembly failed during a prelaunch test Thursday. Four such hoses, which will be used to connect the new Tranquility module to the station’s cooling system, are to be installed and activated by spacewalkers during the STS-130 mission.

The teams are continuing to work toward a target launch of Endeavour on Feb. 7, however engineers are reviewing data from the test and evaluating whether there will be any impact to the shuttle mission. The analysis is expected to continue for several days.

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