Wasatch Computer Technology LLC

Cost Estimator

The new Wasatch Cost Estimator is a powerful business tool that allows users to calculate all costs pertaining to a job before beginning the printing process. This feature makes it easy to perform an accurate calculation of ink usage, media costs, and extra processing charges. When calculations are complete, users can export their results as Comma Delimited Text or directly to a print-friendly HTML web page.

Improved PSS Halftoning

SoftRIP version 6.5 includes improvements to Wasatch's Precision Stochastic Screens halftone method (PSS). This update combines the advantages of Error Diffusion with the full speed and other quality advantages of PSS. It even preserves color profiles, since all profiles made with earlier versions of PSS will continue to work accurately with this update.

ICC Input Profiles

This release provides a greatly expanded suite of ICC input profiles, many with ISO numbers, making it more convenient than ever to match a wide variety of industry-standard color responses. These input profiles enable users to achieve consistent, high quality color with profiles in RGB, CMYK, Web Coated SWOP, and Japan Color, to name a few.

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