Drinking Hot tea results Throat Cancer

Consumption hot tea may reasons throat cancer, say Iranian researchers, suggesting people let their steaming drink cool before consuming them.
Previous studies have linked tobacco and alcohol with cancer of the oesophagus, and the research published in the British Medical Journal suggests that scalding beverages may also pave the way for such tumours.

Drinking very hot tea at a temperature of greater than 70 degrees Celsius was related with an eight-fold increased risk of throat cancer balanced to nipping warm or lukewarm tea at less than 65 degrees, the researchers carve.Northern Iran Region has one of the highest rates of throat cancer in the world, but smoking rates and alcohol using up are low, say the researchers. Nearly all the volunteers drank black tea regularly, consuming on average more than a litre each day.

People who frequently drank tea less than two minutes after pouring were five times more likely to expand the cancer evaluate to those who waited four or more minutes, the researchers say.British studies have reported people prefer their tea at an average temperature of 56 degrees to 60 degrees, they reminder.

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