Audio MIDI Interfaces

The Musical Instrument Digital Interface consents music to be recorded or produced by utilizing a data file containing multiple serially listed program status messages and matching note on and note off messages. In contrast, digital audio is usually compressed merely, exploiting a suitable data compression technique, and recorded. The audio content of such a digital recording may then be restored by decompressing the recorded data and converting that data by a digital-to-analog converter. The method and apparatus of the present invention selectively and alternatively couples portions of a compressed digital audio file and a MIDI file to a single digital signal processor which alternately decompresses the digital audio file and implements a MIDI synthesizer. Decompressed audio and MIDI synthesized music are then alternately attached to two separate buffers. The stuffing of these buffers are then additively mixed and coupled through a digital-to-analog converter to an audio output device to create an output having concurrent digital audio and MIDI synthesized music. A technique and equipment are unveiled for concurrently outputting digital audio and MIDI synthesized music utilizing a single digital signal processor.

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